Quality Policy

About Us

Our quality policy is to maintain the reflection of safe food production and customer expections to our products,by giving priority to human factor and health ,in line with measurable quality parameters and acceptable grades.

Our goals are to gain satisfaction ,trust and royalty of our customers,to meet all legal conditions,to develop and present high quality ,superior brands due to meet different needs and expectations of our customers. Together with continuous improvements,corrective and preventive actions,we keep increasing our standards.Besides,by problem solving based management skills,we aim to add more value. Considering benefit and cost ,we desire to strengthen the idea of organizing a team in relation to enterprise and human factor.

Çağla has defined principles that all its workers should obey in order to provide high standard products and brands,and to reach every customer all around the world by establishing logistic and distribution network and producing safe food in the chocolate sector in accordance with food safety management perception.

Çağla Gıda workers commit to their customers that they will apply this policy,quality,Food Safety Management Systems and BRC Food Global Safety standards’ requirements and provide their sustainability.